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Trixie Interactive Dog Toys

Trixie Interactive dog toys is an unrivaled level 2 dog puzzle for puppies and dogs of all ages, this fun and interesting dog toy is sure to keep your little one entertained from beginning to end. With more than 20 fun and interesting puzzles to solve, your dog will be up and around with time to play for hours on end.

Trixie Dog Activity Flip & Fun, Interactive Snack Dispensing Play & Training Toy
Trixie Dog Snack Roll Treat Dispensing Rubber Interactive Training Toy Game Tube
Trixie Dog Activity Slide & Feed Strategy Game, Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy
TRIXIE Move-2-Win Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle (Level 3)

TRIXIE Move-2-Win Interactive Dog Toy

By Trixie Pet Products


Trixie Chess Interactive Dog Toy

This Trixie chess toy is an outstanding level of play for children who are wanting to increase their tactility and intelligence, the Interactive toy helps teaching skills in addition to learn, and is exceptional for children who are digging to improve their strategy and chess skills. This game is for children who are interested in playing with Trixie dogs in playtime-ideally by playing during school hours, the game is straightforward to play, and children can play for hours on end (or with friends). There are three different colors and one deep game field, and children can work at home or with other parents to get their dog to play with them, the game board is a treat puzzle, and needs to be filled with three different-colored playdough items. The player with the most pieces left at the end of the game, and who gives done not one, but two tasks for their dog, gets to keep the toy, Trixie dog toy is top-notch for playing with or for providing playtime for their dog. Trixie is back with her old friends and this time around she’s playing by the turn of the century, she’s the only one who provides the ability to fly with her flip board! How do you get her to stay in space? You play some Interactive games with her friends and use your think dog to help her stay in space! This Trixie dog toy is a valuable substitute to keep your dog entertained. The natural rubber floating toy is high-quality and colorful, it comes with an Interactive blackberry disc, and as well available in other colors and designs.