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Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy

This Interactive dog Toy Mover is unrivalled for dogs of all ages! With three levels of difficulty, it's first-class for making her learn new skills or correcting her past mistakes.

Level 3

This level 3 advance puzzle for dogs is an outstanding surrogate for your dog to learn and explore new things, it is soft and cloth like material, which helps to move and play with your dog. The Trixie dog activity Mini Mover Toy is soft and cloth like material, in this Trixie Mini Mover activity strategy game, you are Trixie character that moves around to find your way in a level 3, you will need to operate your and arithmetic skills to navigate your surrogate through the obstacles in your way. Keep an eye out for bonus tasks and rewards as you progress, and be sure to perform them without getting bored! The Trixie Mini Mover is superb for puppy and adult dogs alike! With its busy seniority signs and activity signs, the Trixie Mini Mover will keep your dog entertained and moving, it comes with two legs, so it can be moved around the house or yard, and it moves with your dog, making it an enticing tool for monthly monitoring. This Trixie Mini Mover Interactive dog Toy level 3 advance puzzle for dogs is excellent for when they need to run and play, the Toy is moving and interactive, making it a best-in-class alternative to keep your dog entertained. This Toy also includes 2 level settings, so your dog can change how fast the Toy is moving and how slowly, this Toy is top-quality for dogs who are hard to please, and who need a little more excitement in their life.