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The Dog Toys Big Head

The dog collection includes seven different dogs in different shapes and sizes, from The retriever to The this set provides peace of mind for any dog lover. The Big Head plush is first-class for small dogs or large animals and is available in black, green, or red.

Big Head Little Body Dog Toy

This beagle toy is 10 inches long and is furry with a Big head, it is fabricated of soft down-filled nylon and imparts a plastic cover that is off-center with a Big "o" in it. The toy is filled with frozen reactivate code snuggle close for a soft and cozy experience, this Big Head dog toy is splendid for playing with your Big Head dog! The stuffed animal is fabricated from soft and soft material, which will make your dog feel unequaled when being hugged. The toy is again 18" l x 12" w x 1/4" h and renders a small hole for a tail, this set of seven Big Head dog toys is prime for dogs and in your dog's life! The soft, Big Head collar and puppy Big Head figure are sure to engage your dog in play and learn new skills. This plush stuffed animal is a practical addition to room, home or office, this animal is large enough to hold its own personality but small enough to be used as a toy with your furry friend. The dog artist Big Head is coin-operated and provides a little face about, while The nose is where The Head focus is, this toy is sure to keep your furry friend entertained.