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Battery Operated Dog Toy

This soft and cozy battery operated dog toy is the perfect addition to your child's collection. The toy is made of soft and soft pvc and is covered in agarose clear film. The toy has a loud sound by turning off and on a power switch, allowing your child to listen to the toy while they explore. The toy can be left turned or left off to get your child to explore.

Battery Operated Interactive Dog Toys

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Battery Powered Dog Toys

This soft and cozy battery operated dog toy is the perfect way to keep your dog entertained and healthy! With different financial activities and sounds, your dog can be always entertained and healthy! this dog toy is made with 100% breathable cotton fabric and soft, squishy dog pieces in a colorful design. The toy is easy to clean with a simple care request- wash it in cold water with like colors. this vintage battery operated toy burger chef dog has a box model and works. It is a great addition to any home toysdog. Net or pet daycare. this toys is for dogs that areaggressive chewers andchew toys for dogs that aretough chew toys. This toy is made of durablebones andchew toys that will make your dog happyand healthy.