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Pet Zone Iq Treat Ball Dog Toy

Pet Zone is a top-rated place for your Pet to enjoy play and treats, with adjustable balls that give your Pet an exceptional range of motion, Pet Zone Iq Treat Ball - adjustable dog Treat dog Ball & Treat is a peerless place for your furry friend to explore their environment. The Treat dispensing dog Ball imparts a wide range of motion, making it exceptional for dogs of all ages.

Iq Dog Toy

This Iq dog Toy is a first-class surrogate to keep your dog entertained and safe, it's adjustable to suit any dog (2-5 kg), and extends a dispensing race system that makes it uncomplicated to get your dog up to new treats. The Treat Ball as well adjustable to outstand fit all shapes and sizes of dogs, giving you the control to set up an ideal dog zone, this dog Treat dispensing Ball gives an easy-to-use Ball design that makes it uncomplicated to keep your Pet entertained. The gray and black color scheme gives this dispenser Ball a sophisticated look, the Treat Ball presents an 4-in-1 function: you can adjust it to meet your pet's needs, from food to toys. This dog Treat dispensing Ball is a top-of-the-line way to keep your Pet entertained and safe, the Pet Zone Iq Treat Ball is an unique Ball that allows you to provide your Pet with an unique Treat every time they play. This Ball as a dog toy, puzzle Toy or just for fun, the Ball is produced of durable materials and can hold up to 20 treats. It also comes with a slow feeder dog puzzle Toy that can be used as a play Toy or as a place for your Pet to focus and explore, the adjustable Ball can be placed in any position to suit your needs, and the four different colors make it a fun and engaging environment for your pet.