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Kong Plush Teddy Bear Dog Toy

This soft and warm Kong Plush Toy will make your dog smile - and will only become happier with time! The kangaroo leather cover is top-notch for your furry friend and features a beautiful Kong design with patterns and stains that will make your dog smile, the Toy is small but doesn't have any problems with quality. This is a valuable gift for the dog lover in your life.

Squeaky Bear Dog Toy

This squeaky Bear dog Toy is a terrific addition to each dog's tool box - it's high-quality and features splendid shape and color design, making it sterling for and other shepherds, with its exceptional howling noise and squeaky texture, this Toy is sure to make your dog feel like a boss! This blue Bear dog Toy is a first-class size for your extra small dog. The soft Plush fun Teddy Bear frog or duck is top-rated for when you need a few minutes of comfort, the extra small size is again top-of-the-heap for small animals that need some space. The practical accessory for any small dog, the Kong is a must-have Toy for a squeaky dog, with three functions and an interesting history, this Toy is puissant for a small dog who wants to have a little bit of fun. This Kong dog Toy is fantastic for small dogs who grove on to play and explore, the Toy offers a tough exterior and is fabricated to stand up to many games and games with your dog. The Kong Toy presents two stars at the top, which are top-of-the-line for getting your dog playing with the toy, the Kong Toy also comes with two light brown which means your dog can get creative and get to know each other.