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Kong Bounzer Dog Toy

This large blue dog Toy is fantastic for shaking up your Kong set - making it easier for players to learn new skills, and when you're done play, please feel free to sell it.

Kong Bounzer Dog Toy Amazon

The Kong dog Toy bounce roll toss is a fun surrogate to get your dog up and around! This Toy is top-of-the-heap for getting your dog active and help them learn new skills, with a built-in that allows for plenty of rotation, this Toy is sure to get your dog up and around. This Toy is a top-rated alternative to keep your Kong in good condition and make it easier for you to play with, the roll is an outstanding choice to keep the Kong in high condition. The flexible material is so that you can easily get the Kong into and out of the toy, the purple Toy is there for you to see what is going on in the Toy and how the Kong is bouncing. The Toy is conjointly flexible so that it can be used in a number of ways, this is a top-grade Toy for multiple uses and the purple is a nice color change. This Toy is a peerless surrogate for a Kong fun soaked pup, the two signature balls make sure your Kong is having the best time ever in the sun or inside a tree. The soft, light-up-the-dark finish is top-of-the-heap for cleric or magus applications, the roll is compatible with any Kong Toy and can be used to toss the dog around, or to retrieval for a fun bounce. The flexible purple material is unrivalled for riddled pup'srium.